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Fag Break for the Non-Smoker

December 6, 2017


What’s in a name?

Fag Break for the Non-Smoker is ultimately a workshop focussing on the benefits of utilising the space that is hidden in plain sight.

The name came about from a conversation with a client I’d been helping with issues around anxiety and depression. To cut a long story short; after a couple of sessions that combined my core practice of Qigong with some more mainstream approaches, he contacted me to say that the integrated approach we’d worked on had turned his life around. One of the strategies involved taking 5 minutes out every couple of hours and it was on one these ‘breaks’ that he called me to ask the question ‘When I see people going out for a fag break, are they doing the same thing as me?’… the short answer was ‘Yes’.

Although the Fag Break sessions initially focused on stress and wellbeing, it wasn’t long before I was getting feedback from attendees about the way it had transformed their communication skills, enhanced their leadership and provided clarity and insight about their approach to business. The truth of the matter is that making the most of short breaks has significantly greater potential than we can imagine.

So having established that there is real power in utilising the space that exists within our daily routine, what better way could there be to explore this potential than through Fag Break for the Non-Smoker?


What can I expect from Fag Break?

At the heart of all The Green Chair’s training is the concept that learning has as much to do with awareness of our responses as it has to do with awakening new ideas. It’s a delicate balance between creating space for new ideas and letting go of the limitation of our existing paradigm.

Giles O’Halloran, who attended the session in 2016 at the Enterprise Centre in the UEA, Norwich explains his experience in this LinkedIn article.


Who’s this for?

Fag Break is for anyone with an interest in both self development and the evolution of business.

The aim of the session is to provide you with the opportunity to explore your own approach to business and wellbeing, so that you better understand what’s working well for you and what can be improved. There’ll be a generous sharing of ideas, great insights from a wide range of business practices and the opportunity to explore the deeper aspects of self development.


Where and When?

 The Columbia Hotel, Lancaster Gate, London
18th January 2018
9:30am to 4:30pm


How do I reserve my place?

You can reserve your place(s) through Eventbrite. The initial workshop on 18th January is being offered at the reduced rate of £195 for the day (normal price £395) but this comes with a catch… We will be asking for your feedback to help promote the workshop and to help refine it.

If you want any more information, contact