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Fag Break for the Non-Smoker

  What’s in a name? Fag Break for the Non-Smoker is ultimately a workshop focussing on the benefits of utilising the space that is hidden in plain sight. The name came about from a conversation with a client I’d been … Continue reading

Mindfulness is not the answer; now what’s the question?

The rise of Mindfulness as a corporate strategy is odd. In analogous terms, using mindfulness in a corporate arena is a bit like hammering in nails with your shoe. The technique will work, but in the same way as a … Continue reading

Roadside Repairs for your Wellbeing

Have you ever taken your car to the garage and been offered the option of a cheap repair that will just see you through, or a full repair that will cost more but overcome the problem once and for all? … Continue reading

The great thing about stress is…

Our world is developing at an amazing rate, arguable at the fastest pace since the Industrial Revolution, and the unfamiliarity, pressure and lack of control that this development brings can be a source of significant stress. So what can be … Continue reading

When Stress Management Fails

I believe that getting it wrong is one of the most useful learning experiences we can have. When we get things wrong we have an opportunity to get up, dust ourselves off and look at what we could have done … Continue reading