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Fag Break for the Non-Smoker

  What’s in a name? Fag Break for the Non-Smoker is ultimately a workshop focussing on the benefits of utilising the space that is hidden in plain sight. The name came about from a conversation with a client I’d been … Continue reading

Is Conscious Business Achievable?

At the Osaka Central Electric Club Auditorium in 1932, Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Panasonic, spoke to his employees about MEI’s mission (MEI being the forerunner to Panasonic). He is quoted as saying “The mission of a manufacturer should be … Continue reading

Mindfulness is not the answer; now what’s the question?

The rise of Mindfulness as a corporate strategy is odd. In analogous terms, using mindfulness in a corporate arena is a bit like hammering in nails with your shoe. The technique will work, but in the same way as a … Continue reading

The great thing about stress is…

Our world is developing at an amazing rate, arguable at the fastest pace since the Industrial Revolution, and the unfamiliarity, pressure and lack of control that this development brings can be a source of significant stress. So what can be … Continue reading

Ignoring the Rules

With each year new models of leadership bubble up to the surface of the ever-increasing ocean of leadership know-how. The more models that we look at, the more rules and ideas we take on, but how productive is our tendency … Continue reading

Superheroes & Leadership

Recently I was fortunate enough to spend time with the folks at The Ideas Centre and was thoroughly inspired by their approach to creativity in the workplace. Of all the techniques they teach and employ, one in particular stood out … Continue reading

Mood in the Workplace

Have you ever noticed how the atmosphere can change immediately if the boss comes into the office in a bad mood? We might bury our heads a little more deeply into our work, avoid eye contact or try to become … Continue reading

Clear thinking and new perspectives

Qigong combines natural movement with the breath in order to strengthen and balance our emotional, physical and spiritual aspects. Its effectiveness in corporate environments is well known in Asia but the benefits are only just now being explored in the … Continue reading